ALL ABOUT MIA – Review by Hannah, JCoSS

miaAll About Mia is the story of a teenager who feels small and worthless compared to her sisters. Being the middle child is never easy, and this novel clearly illustrates the problems they face.

With a big sister who gets A stars and A pluses all the way, and an Olympic-to-be swimming champion as a younger sister, Mia is pushed to the side and left out. She is stuck in the middle and left with the question of what her “thing” is. But bad decisions seem to follow her around, and no matter what she does it seems to end in disaster. When her older sister Grace arrives home and makes a massive shock announcement, Mia thinks Grace will now be in trouble instead of the usual suspect – her. However, it turns out that no matter what Grace does it is seen as ‘a miracle’, which makes Mia even more jealous and bitter towards both her sisters.

This book is a great read for 12-15 year olds because although the language may be simple, the context is more mature. Mid-teens might be able to relate to the book more, but everyone will be able to relate to the jealousy and hate we can feel for our siblings! All in all, I think this was a great book and I would recommend it to both boys and girls, although it might be more appealing to girls.


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