ALL ABOUT MIA – Review by Krish, Queen Elizabeth’s School

miaAll About Mia is a book about three sisters: Grace, who is the oldest, Audrey, the youngest, and Mia, stuck in the middle. Grace is the ‘perfect’ one, set for life, in Mia’s opinion, and the same with Audrey, the ‘future Olympic swimming champion.’ Hence it seems peculiar that the title of the book is ‘All About Mia,’ when it seems as though she doesn’t have a ‘thing’ like her sisters.

Not only this, but Mia seems to think it’s never about her, either, having described her ‘It’s All About Mia’ t-shirt as ‘ironic’. To her, it always seems as if Grace and Audrey are getting all the praise, and she’s the one who isn’t as highly looked upon by her parents. She thinks this might change when Grace returns home from Greece, pregnant. At first, her parents are disappointed in Grace, and Mia is happy thinking that her sister is in the trouble she deserves. But things cool down soon and it’s back to square one for Mia.

I find the sudden plot changes quite dramatic and engaging on the whole, which made me want to read this book more – such that I’d find myself reading it for hours without noticing. However, what I found most interesting was Audrey running away from home and what was in her note. I find it ironic that Audrey firstly thinks that nothing is about her – it’s all about Mia and Grace fighting; especially since Mia thinks it’s never about her, and secondly, I find it interesting that Audrey thought herself to be stuck in the ‘middle’ of her sisters’ arguments, when Mia is often referred to as being stuck in the middle.

Overall, I found this book extremely enthralling – I think Mia is my favourite character, because you never know what you’re going to get with her. Sometimes she’s helpful, such as in the end when she helped Grace but other times she can act despicable and not be a pleasant person to be with. I had high expectations of this book after reading ‘The Art of Being Normal,’ and to be honest, it fulfilled them.

Rating: 9/10


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