REMIX – Review by Hannah, JCoSS

remixThe novel Remix was probably my least favourite of the books that I read for Read4Barnet, but it was still a good book. It shows the concept of friendship very well; how friends fight and argue and feel jealous of others, but also how real friends will always stick by your side and always, always believe in you.

It is about a concert called Remix. Two friends, Ruby and Kaz, are going together, however both their ex-boyfriends are there too. They each find themselves falling into a spiral of lies that the other doesn’t know about. Lies are popping up everywhere, and it’s so hard to tell the truth. With their friendship breaking, Ruby and Kaz grow further apart, and to top it all Kaz’s ex-boyfriend is at the concert with his new girlfriend and Kaz is becoming friends with her. Ruby is jealous and hurt, and their friendship is teetering on the rocks. It is a good book for 11- 13 year olds and I would probably recommend it to both genders.


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