moonlightThe Moonlight Dreamers was an incredible, inspiring and moving book. It opened my eyes and made me think about teamwork and coming together as one.

The girls in the book all have dreams that they want to pursue, and by meeting each other they find a way to achieve them. It presents an important message about friendship and what true friends will really do for you. They each face their own problems and being in the Moonlight Dreamers Club gives them the confidence to overcome fears and obstacles on their journey throughout the book. Each character – Rose, Sky, Amber, and Maali – is different, but each girl knows what they want and just needs that extra boost to get it.

I loved this book; it has amazing use of description and really shows the feelings of the characters. It is easy to relate to their situations, and it makes you feel like you want to be part of the Moonlight Dreamers or make a club of your own. I would recommend this book to 11- 14 year olds and I think most people will enjoy it, although it does include some things which maybe only girls could really relate to.

In a nutshell, this was a great, eye-opening book and I think I would read it another time as the quality of the writing is worth reading again and again.


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