Read4Barnet came together out of a collaboration between Barnet Secondary School Librarians at Copthall School, Queen Elizabeth’s School, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls, and Wren Academy.

Pupils from a number of secondary schools across Barnet are now taking part in the reading and reviewing process, which will culminate this year in a Festival of Reading held at Queen Elizabeth’s School at the end of June. We will get to meet some of the shortlisted authors and hear from them directly about how they wrote their novels. There will be the opportunity to purchase books on the day and get them signed by the authors, as well as prizes for the best reviews!

This site is maintained by Ms Murray, librarian at Queen Elizabeth’s School in Barnet. Please send any reviews for submission to cmurray (at) qebarnet.co.uk. The deadline for reviews to be considered for prizes is Friday 16th June, 2017.