Review: Railhead, by Qaizaar at Queen Elizabeth’s School

RailheadZen Starling’s life is too repetitive. Jumping on trains and avoiding drones, he has the life of a thief. On an average day, he steals a necklace that he can’t resist getting his hands on. However, when trying to escape, he finds that someone is chasing him.

Eventually, he meets the mysterious Raven, who offers him the chance for adventure and a reward. Guardians and drones have been chasing him all his life – what has he got to lose? Zen snatches the opportunity without hesitation. Encountering battles and risks at every turn, Zen realises the truth about Raven. Was this the best thing to do?

There are several reasons why I think this is the best book – science-fiction, danger and excitement on every page would make me definitely recommend this book to you.


Review: Gypsy Girl, by Kieran at Queen Elizabeth’s School

gypsyGypsy Girl is a fiction thriller written by Kathryn James after she spent some time travelling and documenting with gypsy children. The main themes captured in this enthralling book are suspense, love and tension, which are all expertly balanced to create a wonderful read from start to finish.

Sammy-Jo and the extended family of Smiths all travel around the country never stopping. Her entire family has come together in a reunion for the grand wedding of Sammy-Jo’s sister Sabrina to the notorious local boxer: Tyson. Sammy-Jo is restless and her fuel for spotting trouble is reignited when she stumbles upon the evils that roam around the masses of trailers and caravans or the wedding. She is a fighter-girl, never daunted by the most frightening prospects, but when she falls for the wonderful, fair-headed Gregory Langton, complications are exceeding with battles on every front. Love and fighting plague Sammy-Jo, but can her family be saved for the wedding to be another success in the Smith family? Continue reading “Review: Gypsy Girl, by Kieran at Queen Elizabeth’s School”

Welcome to Read4Barnet!

stay tuned to find out which book will be the ultimate winner!

A group of secondary schools in Barnet have banded together to run a reading challenge this year for their pupils to choose the best from a shortlist of 6 recently published titles:

  • The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson
  • Gypsy Girl by Kathryn James
  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness
  • Sawbones by Catherine Johnson
  • Railhead by Philip Reeve
  • The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

We will be uploading pupil reviews on this blog over the next couple of months, so stay tuned to find out which book will be the ultimate winner!

The Lie Tree The Art of Being Normal Railhead Sawbones gypsy The Rest of Us Just Live Here