WING JONES – Review by Sara, Copthall School

wingI simply adored the book ‘Wing Jones’. The book is about a teenage girl who think she looks ugly because of her Ghanaian and Chinese heritage. After her ‘perfect’ brother, Marcus had a terrible accident and is in coma, Wing feels like she is on her own. The family is struggling with medical bills. Wing discovers her talent for running while Aaron her brother’s best friend helps. She makes great friends and falls in love.

Overall I give this book 10/10 because of the way you could feel the emotions running through your veins, the sibling love. I loved the way Wing looked up to her brother until she was left on her own with her crush by her side.


REMIX – Review by Hana, Copthall School

remixThis story revolves around the Remix Music Festival, two best friends and decisions. When Ruby and Kaz obtain tickets to the Remix, it seems like life couldn’t be better. However, that is far from the truth. Instead of having the weekend of their lives the damaging past catches up with them. This comes in the form of ex-boyfriends spelling trouble for both girls.

As the weekend proceeds events both bad and good develop threatening in particular their friendship. One of the most interesting characters is Ruby, this is because despite her careless behaviour she is thoughtful and wants what’s best for her best friend, Kaz. Kaz ,who despite being miserable over her ex, realises that there are much more important things in life and that life moves on bringing new events along with it that can be for the best. A fascinating part of the story is when both girls learn to value their friendship above all else. I give this book a 6/10 rating. The reason why is because of its inadequate context and strong language. However, despite these faulty qualities the book is seductive and discusses real-life dilemmas and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys novels based on friendship and the different relationships between people.

RELEASE – Review by Trinity, Copthall School

releaseThis novel is simply beautiful from every angle. With elements of agony, love and coming of age, Release is a passionate, rich and heartfelt story that’s definitely worth reading. As is the theme of most of Ness’ previous novels, such as ‘More Than This’, Release presents us with a unique protagonist with a problem that intertwines with an unexpected side-plot and unpredictable characters. We’re immediately introduced to Adam Thorn, a troubled, confused and heartbroken teenager who’s just getting to grips with how the world works. His charismatic and witty friend Angela contributes to the story, acting as my most likeable character. As I read further into this wonderful novel, I quickly understood the situation (or situations) Adam was in and immediately loved the book. Touching on perhaps the most important but ignored topics of our generation, Patrick Ness gives us a valued and insightful view on coming of age and discovering your identity. Yet, it wasn’t just this inspiring plot that caught my attention. Ness also managed to merge this already fabulous story with a completely unpredictable but intriguing sub-plot involving a deceased girl out for revenge, a questionable faun and a lost Queen. Release truly is a most marvellously constructed book.

Every corner of Release holds a memorable or touching moment, but I particularly appreciated the wonderful scene where Adam gives a meaningful speech to Linus, who reciprocated in a simply sublime manner. Adam was desperately struggling with his troublesome relationships between his father, ex-boyfriend and brother when Linus simply responds with, “You’re a good person, Adam. Don’t ever let them tell you you’re not”. I felt that this was Release’ most honest and glorious moment.

In conclusion, Release is a stunning and beautiful novel, giving us an insight on the troubles of discovering who you are. For its astonishing scenes and heartfelt speeches, I’m giving Release an 8/10.



WING JONES – Review by Blessing, Copthall School

wingWing Jones is a girl who is half Chinese and half Ghanaian. Bullied and isolated at school she suffers even more when her brother is involved in a serious car crash. He causes the crash himself and killing two people. Wing starts to wonder if her brother is who she thought he was. When she finds out she has a talent for running she wonders if this could help her family. She has got her lioness to run by her side. She enters the race that could change not just her life but her whole family’s for the better.

Katherine Webber connected me to Wing because she inspired me to just jump off my feet and run with her. This book is not a book I would’ve read just reading the blurb, but joining ‘Read4Barnet’ made me read this book. I rate this book an 8/10 because it is adventure packed and is very interesting. I loved Wing Jones and I’m sure you will too. In my opinion this book is amazing, humorous and sad at the same time. Make sure to get your own copy, because I am sure I’ll get my own too.

THE BOY AT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN – Review by Blessing, Copthall School

boy-mountainThis book is set during World War II when Aldolf Hitler ruled Germany and manipulated the majority of the country to support him. This book takes us through the tragedies and dangerous adventures of young boy called Pierrot, showing us how the people you are around can change your life and also the way you act.

At only seven years old Pierrot faces the heartbreak of both of his parents dying in horrible deaths and being sent to an orphanage. Later his mysterious, unknown Aunt Beatrice finds him and takes him to the house at the top of the mountain. Residing with Hitler he learns about the danger that awaits the world. The one thing he doesn’t know is that the danger is awaiting him too.

This book is packed with regret and sorrow. An absolute gripping book which made me cry as well as feel uncertain for my feelings towards Pierrot.

I rate this book a 9/10 because it is one of the most thoughtful books I have ever read. John Boyne has once again written a book I will never forget.

REMIX – Review by Blessing, Copthall School

remixThe book is about two best friends who go to Remix, a weekend camp where they have three days meeting new friends, coping with seeing ex-boyfriends, betrayal and drama. A trip they were looking forward to turns out the opposite to how they had planned, ending in chaos. (Spoiler alert, cheating Stu turns out to actually be ‘the one’ for Ruby.) They find out that their strong friendship is not as solid as they thought.

This story is told from two points of view, friends Ruby and Kaz. An interesting character is Ruby’s brother, Lee because he is not just funny, like his sister, but as we get deeper into the book we see how our first impressions of him change as he shows his emotions and feelings more clearly.

One part of the story when Non Pratt makes me feel awkward as well as the characters is when Lauren and Ruby fight about whether tattoos count as a work of art. This is a weird feeling for Kaz, since both are her good friends and she doesn’t know who to side with.

I enjoyed the part when they played spin the bottle. This scene creates tension because you don’t know who the bottle’s going to land on.

I rate this book a 7/10. It is quite interesting but is absolutely not child friendly. It includes many sexual references and bad language. In my overall opinion this book is great – when you read the book you will go through the ups and downs of friendships, with the two main characters.

WING JONES, Review by Nora, Copthall School

wingWing Jones has always been that one weird kid, the one that everyone makes fun of. On the other hand, her brother has always been the perfect child, who everyone admires and loves. But then tragedy strikes and her brother ends up in a coma. Wing discovers a talent that could save her entire family, running.

My overall favourite character is Wing because we see her reaction to difficult points in her life. She ends up saving her family and falls in love with her brother’s best friend. She shows us that something good does come out of something bad.

I also liked Wing’s Grandmas because they really brought a light into the book. They made me laugh and they stayed as strong as warriors even though they are only old women.

I like this book because, even though it’s full of heartbreak, it has so much truth in it. It is also beautifully written. It may bring you to tears at times but it can also make you smile and laugh. You can tell that time and effort has been put in the book.

I give the book 8 out 10 stars because there is always room for improvement but I really liked it.