MOONLIGHT DREAMERS – Review by Moska, Copthall School

moonlightThis book is about four girls, Amber, Maali, Sky and Rose who have different backgrounds and unique personalities. Amber decides to set up a club called the ‘Moonlight Dreamers’ because she is sick of being told how to look, how to act etc and eventually all the girls join. They meet up in person every week and discuss their different problems and dreams.

The story is set in Brick Lane, London at the present time and is told by the girls. Amber is an interesting character because she has two fathers and there is more about her than it seems. Rose is what people refer to as a ‘popular girl’ but she takes responsibility for her actions and she turns into a kind, caring person. One of the most interesting parts of the story is the surprise when Amber finds out who her biological father really is.

Overall, my opinion of the book is that it is really good because it has a variety of different characters and points of view shown through the ‘Moonlight Dreamers’. The book grips you and I am sure you will love it so I recommend this for any age 11 and above and adults alike. Brill!


ALL ABOUT MIA – Review by Sina, Copthall School

miaAll About Mia is about a girl named Mia. Mia has an older sister named Grace who gets perfect scores and a younger sister named Audrey who is an amazing swimmer and thought to be the next Olympic champion. But Mia is a party animal whose life soon becomes all about boys and booze. Once her sister Grace announces – spoiler alert! – that she is pregnant, Mia’s life spirals out of control leading to her losing her friends and her little sister running away. The story is told from Mia’s point of view and she speaks out to teenagers who might be in a similar situation. Audrey seems to be a background character but actually provides the whole plot. The most exciting part of the story is when Mia has to be a ‘midwife’ for the soon-to-be-born baby.

Overall, I really like the book and I like how the story comes across to teenagers. I would recommend it to anyone over 12 years of age. I would rate it 9/10 because I want to see how she changes and what kind of person she becomes.

WING JONES – Review by Hana, Copthall School

wingWing Jones by Katherine Webber is set in Atlanta, Georgia, USA during 1995. This story is narrated by Wing Jones an African-Asian 15 year old girl, who has a Chinese grandmother (Lao Lao) and a Ghanaian grandmother (Granny Dee). This story revolves around an accident that strikes the family. Marcus Jones (Wing’s brother) the golden boy of football – and the family – kills two people whilst underage drink-driving and lands himself in a coma. Wing is devastated and all she seems to want to do is run and let all her negative emotions run free. She then realises her amazing running ability and despite her unpopularity in school people actually start to recognise her ability to run swiftly alongside the wind. The most interesting part of the story is when Marcus wakes up and life actually does start to become better as Wing’s passion to become Riveo’s running girl comes true. Overall my opinion of the book is that it is an emotional novel that shows families come together to get through the tough times. The plot also shows you no matter what people believe about you, you can prove them wrong by believing in yourself. This a brilliant book that teaches you a life lesson about believing in yourself. I give it a 7 out of 10 rating.


ALL ABOUT MIA – Review by Trinity, Copthall School

miaAll About Mia is a wonderfully scripted book about sisterly love, friendships and fall outs. It’s very original storyline engages readers with its shocking plot twists and turn of events. At the start of the novel, we are presented with Mia: a charismatic, unique and intriguing 16 year old that is perhaps the most relatable character in the book. She is immediately notified as the middle child of a trio of sisters, and feels under-appreciated and ignored. Mia attempts to live up to her older sister Grace’s exam results, as well as her younger sister’s swimming reputation by finding what her ‘thing’ is. This is the main theme throughout the entire novella, and is very relevant, as many young adults struggle to ‘fit in’ or be noticed. Williamson’s choice of book title is very clever, as by the end of the novel, you realise that it’s very ironic. Considering that Mia is ignored throughout the plot, she realises that she doesn’t necessarily want it to be all about herself when she is noticed for all the wrong things. Lisa Williamson has presented her characters beautifully and as individuals, making the storyline very unpredictable and all the more brilliant.

Throughout the novel, there were many memorable moments, yet my favourite would have to be when Mia takes control at Grace’s labour. The scene was written fantastically and set out well, as readers got to see all the roles reversed, with Mia leading the sisters. I particularly loved the parts when Grace was being reassured by Mia as it really clarified the love that they’d always have for each other and proved that even the eldest siblings need guidance and support from the younger ones. Also, it engaged the character of Audrey more, who is perhaps my favourite character and personally most relatable. This particular moment was very significant as well, as it hinted at what Mia’s ‘thing’ could be; midwifery. Even though there were many other scenes that I enjoyed reading, this had to be my most favoured one as it was shocking and unexpected, but touching.

In conclusion, All About Mia is a life-changing and inspiring novel that practically every teenager can relate to in some way, whether as the middle child or as another of Lisa Williamson’s characters. It is wonderfully engaging and written in such a way that leaves its readers dying to find out more.  I would award this book an 8/10 for its emotional storyline and relatable characters.

THE BOY AT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN – Review by Sina, Copthall School

boy-mountainThe book is about a boy called Pierrot whose mum is French and his dad German. When they both die he is sent to live with his aunt. Leaving his Jewish deaf friend Anshel behind, Pierrot adapts to life with Aunt Beatrix, who is a housekeeper for Hitler. Pierrot starts to adopt Hitler’s point of view causing misery around him and his aunt and Ernst dying but then once the war is over he realises his mistake and tries to make it up.

The story is set in around the time of WW2 and is told by the narrator; one of the most interesting characters is Anshel because he fulfils his dream and still stays loyal to his friend after being rejected.

My opinion of the book is that it’s heart-warming and shows how easily someone can be corrupted by others. I strongly recommend this book and give it a 10/10.

MALADAPTED – Review by Trinity, Copthall School

maladaptedMaladapted is a unique book that captivated me until the very end. At first, this novel seemed very predictable, in the sense that it was another survival-dynasty book, where it’s the good side versus the bad side. However, as the plot of this gripping read escalated, I realised that it went much deeper than that. We are presented first with the character of Cillian. On the outside, he seems like an average teenage boy who’s addicted to technology. However, when Tess’ character is introduced, Cillian’s shell is gradually peeled away, exposing the much more in-depth characteristics of him. On the other hand, Tess is a figure that readers can immediately pick out as an interesting but troubled key character. As an audience, we are presented with background information on Tess, which makes the events concerning the main characters much more satisfying.

Very early on into the novel, Kurti introduces the two warring sides of the story; Revelation and P8. We are aware that Tess represents the religious aspect of the dystopian society, and Cillian the scientific. Before I understood the plot, I presumed that these two sides would be fighting the same cause. However, as I read further into Maladapted, I realised that this wasn’t the case. Instead, Richard Kurti had created a society where it is religion vs science, a bold contrast. It soon appears that both sides have dreadful motives for their actions, turning against the predictable storyline again. Yet, it is the mesmerising bridge that Kurti builds between the opposing sides that drew me in. In the middle of this chaotic setting, the author leaves two uncertain teenagers to realise what is right. This theme of justice and understanding is what really made me understand this brilliant novel.  Continue reading “MALADAPTED – Review by Trinity, Copthall School”

Review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here, by Sina at Copthall School

The Rest of Us Just Live HereI really like the book because of its unusual plot and characters that will blow your mind. I would recommend this to anyone from the age of 12 years because it’s a really good book but quite confusing. I would describe the novel as dystopian because it seems to be set in another dimension. There is not a strong plot but this book shows a life where everything seems plain and boring but ends up being extraordinary.  It is a world where you have to find the extraordinary in an ordinary life.

The main characters are: Mikey, Jared, Mel, Nathan and Henna.

Mikey has something he calls ‘loops’ which make him confused and make him feel as if he can’t understand himself – it also makes him want to die. I think he is a suitable character for a main character because he is unique, but I would like to know about things from another point of view occasionally. He is in love with Henna.

Jared is a strange character; he is gay and the God of the mountain lions, he has powers with which he helps Mikey overcome his ‘loops’ and helps ease Mikey’s confusion. He likes Nathan and they begin a relationship.

I liked the character Mel, because she does not give up. Mel is anorexic and is slowly trying to get better – she is Mikey’s sister. The most gripping part of the book is when Mikey and Henna are in a car arguing about each other’s feelings and then end up in an accident after they see a blue eerie light. They are both injured in the crash.

I rate this 10/10.