WING JONES – Review by Konstantina, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls

wingWing Jones is about a girl called Wing, who lives with her mother, football star brother, and two grandmothers, one from China and the other from Ghana.

When her brother gets involved in a car accident which leads to him falling into a coma, Wing discovers an incredible talent for running.

This could save her family from their financial crisis, but it could also stop her getting the one thing she wants.

I think this is one of those books that once you start reading you just can’t put it down – you just have to see what happens next.


WING JONES – Review by Carmel, JCoSS

wingWhat I love about this book is that it teaches you how to move on from the past, let loose and have fun, I guess for Wing that is to run run run.

If you have a love for adventure and a bit of romance too, plus emotion and happiness, this will be the perfect book for you.

Being a runner myself I especially like the character Wing, as even with all her hard times she manages to achieve and climbs.

This book is like a guideline to life; it shows you how to believe in yourself and be proud, be confident and overcome your fears, as Wing does with a big crowd.

I rate this book a full 5 star as it makes me want to right now run, run real far.

After reading this book you’ll know definitely not to judge a book by its colour, as Wing shows us being different is a great thing, even if you’re like no other.

Read this book if any puzzles in life come in your way; it can calm you , make you realise that you’re special, and help you come around in your every day.


I hope this has made you realise if you would like to read this book or not; if you do, I hope you like it, like it a lot.


Carmel Pelmont

WING JONES – Review by Sarah, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls

wingWing Jones is a really good book about how Wing feels like she is living in the shadow of her brother, and the fact that everyone admires him but no one takes any notice of her.

Wing is a teenage girl who is eager to find her place in the world and make everyone proud of her and so grabs the opportunity, when things go terribly wrong for her family, by taking up running.

I adore the fact that Wing is a diverse character, being African and Asian, because writers don’t often use mixed race characters.

Once you start reading it you have to finish because of the way it is written; she uses a lot of really good metaphors. I personally think that it is a really good book and I enjoyed it a lot. I would definitely recommend this book because it is so interesting.

WING JONES – Review by Eva, JCoSS

wingThis is the fascinating story of Wing Jones, a 15 year-old from the United States. Her mum is from China and her late father was from Ghana. After her brother falls into a coma, Wing discovers a talent she never knew she had. This secret power turns out to be extraordinary, and it soon overtakes Wing’s life. She finds that she can do things she could never do before, yet it is also causes her to risk losing the people that are really important to her.

This fast-paced story is amazingly written with characters that I rooted for from the start. I was gripped by the idea that what one person in a family does can have a massive impact on the rest of the family. Through her struggles to deal with what’s happening to her, Wing is very honest and always true to herself and I really admired her strength and courage.

I’d highly recommend this book. It was quite a sad story but a gripping plot and ultimately leaves you feeling hopeful about how even in the worst situation you have the power to change your life for the better.

WING JONES – Review by Blessing, Copthall School

wingWing Jones is a girl who is half Chinese and half Ghanaian. Bullied and isolated at school she suffers even more when her brother is involved in a serious car crash. He causes the crash himself and killing two people. Wing starts to wonder if her brother is who she thought he was. When she finds out she has a talent for running she wonders if this could help her family. She has got her lioness to run by her side. She enters the race that could change not just her life but her whole family’s for the better.

Katherine Webber connected me to Wing because she inspired me to just jump off my feet and run with her. This book is not a book I would’ve read just reading the blurb, but joining ‘Read4Barnet’ made me read this book. I rate this book an 8/10 because it is adventure packed and is very interesting. I loved Wing Jones and I’m sure you will too. In my opinion this book is amazing, humorous and sad at the same time. Make sure to get your own copy, because I am sure I’ll get my own too.

WING JONES – Review by Nicole, Totteridge Academy

wingWing Jones is a 15 year old girl who experiences some problems at school like being made fun of because of the way she looks and being called names when someone she knows causes a tragic incident. However, when disaster strikes, Wing discovers that she has an amazing talent.

Wing has two grandmothers, one from China and one from Ghana who have a great influence on her life. They support Wing and give her the advice she needs in achieving great things in life.

The story contains two very powerful messages; never give-up and always believe in yourself! I personally think that this story is most suitable for teenage girls as the main character in the book is a girl but the book also has a lot of stuff about love which I think girls are more interested in. As a 13 year old girl, I absolutely LOVE this book as it almost feels like you’re being carried along in the story.

The story also teaches me (and perhaps other readers) a lesson about family and TRUE friends. However, the book does have swearing (‘S**t! Wing!’-on page 115 for example), sometimes the swear words are acceptable for the context of the story but sometimes they are really unnecessary so I wouldn’t give this book to people who are younger than 13 (other people might think differently, but that is my opinion).

Wing Jones is the first book by Katherine Webber and I think it is an excellent debut novel; I look forward to reading more books by this author.

WING JONES – Review by Arjun, Queen Elizabeth’s School

wingA girl with a Ghanaian father and a Chinese mother, a perfect example of multiculturalism. Another perfect example from this book is the idiom ‘ Don’t judge a book by its cover’. I went into this book thinking that I would not like it even though I enjoy running. It looked really girly and quite frankly, it was the opposite. In fact I heartily enjoyed it and the mix of sport, home life and other things was very good, perfect even. I really enjoyed the adventure Wing went on, both as a sportsperson and a human being. My criticism of this book would be that we need to see more of Wing’s school life, especially in P.E. I would also like to see more character development before the drink-drive as it is quite sudden and we don’t see the effects as significantly. I’d like to see a good plot twist in this as well. Maybe, one of her opponents win and Wing comes second by half a second but the other girl is caught on drugs or something and it will really be a good influence to young sportsmen and create food for thought.

It is said that this book is for fans of David Leviathan, Jandy Nelson and Rainbow Rowell on the school library and I have never heard of them at all. After finding out about their writing styles from a friend, Webber doesn’t seem to be the same. In fact, Webber has her own unique style of writing with multiple flashbacks and trips into fantasy. I think that the desperation idea was a bit too over the top, either have the money for Wing’s brother or to help the family, not both, as it seems that she is getting too desperate and it seems obvious that she will succeed.

I gave this book 4 and a half stars out of five. It was a very good writing style and plot, but there was not a significant build up and if Webber ever wrote a story with such a big shock, it needs to have a very good character development.