Review: Gypsy Girl, by Anita at Copthall

gypsyA girl called Sammy-Jo visits Gypsy Acre with her family as it is her sister’s wedding. But trouble is not that far away. Sammy-Jo gets in a fight with the local thugs to save her friend, Gregory. Time is running out for Sammy-Jo and everyone is in danger. McCloud is on edge and tensions are running high. Will Sammy-Jo survive or has she put her whole family in danger?

The story is set in Gypsy Acre and told by the main character Sammy-Jo. She is a very interesting character because she shows throughout her experience in the book that different people can be treated in a different way if people don’t like them. I like how she faces her dilemmas in her own individual way. Gregory is another interesting character because he fancies Sammy-Jo and is dragged into her problems. He ends up getting hurt and caught up. But nothing can stop them.

One of the most exciting parts of the book is when Sammy-Jo and Gregory have a fight against the three men. I liked this part because it kept me engaged and I didn’t expect them to defeat two of the men and injure one of them.

Overall, my opinion on the book is that it was very interesting, amazing and astonishing. Some parts made me want to cry and other parts made me scared. But that was the best thing about the book; it gave a view from another person. I would recommend it to teenagers.



Review: Gypsy Girl, by Mona at Wren Academy

gypsyGypsy Girl is a novel about a tough but likeable traveller girl called Sammy-Jo Smith. She has won every sing fight competition. She fights, runs and is feisty all in pink high-heels. When visiting Gypsy Acre for her sister’s wedding she remembers Gregory Langton, a rich boy, who is deeply in love with Sammy Jo, even though his parents disapprove of his choice.

This book shows that you don’t need a permanent home to have a loving family; all you need is brave spirit, love, compassion and friendship.

Sammy-Jo has many things on her mind: her sister’s wedding, Gregory and her family being pushed out of where her mother got married. But this story relates to us and shows us that gypsies aren’t so different from other people, they just live in a different style.

Review: Gypsy Girl, by Mori at Wren Academy

gypsyGypsy Girl is a nicely written story about gypsy girl Sammy-Jo, who lives with her sister Sabrina, her father and her Grandma (Granny Kate). Sammy-Jo is the different one in her family- she loves to fight. But when Sabrina ends up getting engaged, and the family needs to find a way to afford her high maintenance needs, Sammy-Jo ends up having to illegally fight to earn money- but only her best friend knows about her secret identity as Gypsy Girl. Then when Mr McCloud moves his company in the space near where Sammy-Jo lives, and he doesn’t like that she’s there, she gets in trouble with him. She also has to deal with Gregory Langton, the rich boy who lives near her, and can’t seem to leave her alone -not that Sammy-Jo minds- but her family doesn’t approve of her having the possibility of dating him. Then she starts to notice strange things going on with McCloud, and starts to investigate a little into the matter.

I enjoyed this book, and the way it started. The story always found a way to intrigue me, and I had to change what I believed was going to happen throughout, as it was like a mystery- you had to put all the pieces together. I would recommend this book to everyone, because I’m not a fan of romance books, but it isn’t as it looks.


Review: Gypsy Girl, by Shems at Copthall School


I found this book very interesting and nice because it highlighted how you don’t have to be a boy to be strong and to be able to look after your family and support and defend them. I really liked the ending because it showed love and how Sammy-Jo and Gregory both cared for each other and for their families and friends. I felt that a part which really twisted everything was when Gran Kate died because she was the one who always predicted the future and helped with everyone and told their family history. This lead to all the fights and how the story ended. I really liked this book. 8/10

Review: Gypsy Girl, by Maymuun at Copthall School

gypsyThe book ‘Gypsy Girl’ is about a girl called Sammy-Jo, who is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. Her mother died when she was 15 and she works in her father’s gym. She is an expert in Taekwondo and martial arts. Because she is a much better fighter than the boys she fights in the club she has lost the thrill she normally gets from fighting and resorts to illegal ring fighting where there is no medical care on standby. The money she earns goes towards paying for her sister’s very expensive wedding, but the thrill of the fight she keeps for herself – that’s until her nosy brother-in-law to be’s brother, Rocky finds out what she has been up to! Sammy-Jo falls in love with Gregory, the boy that gets seriously injured trying to save her.

I really enjoyed this book because the story was not stereotypical. The character Sammy-Jo is well portrayed and her story is very effective. The story gave me an insight into the lives of the gypsy community which I really appreciated. Sammy-Jo appeals to me because she is a strong female figure and there is a little twist in her story that is really shocking. The book is so amazing that I won’t dare spoil the ending!

Over all I would recommend this book to everyone – it is a must read with exciting, jaw dropping, breath taking vocabulary and also the best cliff hangers that leave you wanting to shed tears of happiness!!!


Review: Gypsy Girl, by Sofia at Wren Academy

gypsyThis book’s themes are mainly fighting and love which is unusual as they are often opposites. I enjoyed this book as it captures your interest with new events occurring on every page.

In the plot the main character finds out about something illegal and is threatened by someone, meanwhile her sister is getting married and she has to organise the wedding. The biggest problem for her however was falling in love with someone and she knows her family will never accept him, which leaves her in an awkward position.

I would recommend this book to 13 & 14 year olds because it includes mature language and older concepts but it is an enjoyable read even so.

Review: Gypsy Girl, by Safran at Wren Academy

gypsyI found this found story tough, hard hitting and at times, tender. Just like the main protagonist who is known in the ring as Gypsy Girl.

Sammy-Jo Smith is a traveller girl from a family of male fighters. Throughout the book she fights literally and metaphorically. She is fighting to support her sister’s wedding, falling for the local rich boy Gregory and could be moved from the patch of land that her late mother got married on by so called business man McCloud.

I like this book because it is fast paced and pulls no punches. Initially, this book shows the strength and tenacity of a young girl and her pursuit of her ambitions in her confusing and sometimes harsh world. I would recommend this book to girls aged 10-14.