moonlightThe Moonlight Dreamers was an incredible, inspiring and moving book. It opened my eyes and made me think about teamwork and coming together as one.

The girls in the book all have dreams that they want to pursue, and by meeting each other they find a way to achieve them. It presents an important message about friendship and what true friends will really do for you. They each face their own problems and being in the Moonlight Dreamers Club gives them the confidence to overcome fears and obstacles on their journey throughout the book. Each character – Rose, Sky, Amber, and Maali – is different, but each girl knows what they want and just needs that extra boost to get it.

I loved this book; it has amazing use of description and really shows the feelings of the characters. It is easy to relate to their situations, and it makes you feel like you want to be part of the Moonlight Dreamers or make a club of your own. I would recommend this book to 11- 14 year olds and I think most people will enjoy it, although it does include some things which maybe only girls could really relate to.

In a nutshell, this was a great, eye-opening book and I think I would read it another time as the quality of the writing is worth reading again and again.


THE MOONLIGHT DREAMERS – Review by Daniel, Wren Academy


Reading this book was certainly a joy, all books appeal to someone and this one definitely appealed to me. The book from start to end really made me feel as if I was part of it and those books are the best ones of all. It engaged my interest because it was about teenagers and talks about friendship in a heart-warming way. In my opinion all the Read4Barnet books were excellent however I felt that this one was the one that should receive recognition.



moonlightFour girls with such a strong friendship bond, so magical that it’s as if a fairy dropped by in the night and sprinkled fairy dust to create friendship with her magical wand,

All very different lives they live compared to each other; Amber, the imaginative one and dreamer, who has such love for words, Maali, the photographer, loving the adventure that fulfils in her street, Sky, the poet, being able to take words from anywhere and form them in to a powerful poem, and Rose, the model – all fed up with their lives, who knew they would be friends, best of friends with one another,

What I love about the structure of this book is that different lives are in each chapter making it more exciting and leaving people on a hook,

Read this book if sometimes it’s like life has no point to you, it will show you the meaning of life and friendship too,

If you have a love for imagination, words and are interested in puzzles in people’s lives too, then this will definitely be the perfect book for you,

I hope this has helped you decide whether you would like to read this book or not, if you do, I hope you like it, like it a lot.


THE MOONLIGHT DREAMERS – Review by Erin, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls


I really liked this book! It took me a while to get used to the layout of the book but when I did it really surprised me because I don’t normally read this type of book but I actually loved it!

I found it difficult to keep all four different stories in my head but I loved it when they gradually all came together.

Throughout the book each girl goes through similar problems which different readers can relate to.

THE MOONLIGHT DREAMERS – Review by Mimi, Wren Academy


I like how Amber is an outgoing young girl and that she is finding her place in the world. This book may be one of my favourite books. As the book goes on I found that it waddled and was talking a bit out of the story line, but that was the only bit that I really hated about this book. I would read this again possibly when I am a bit older.


THE MOONLIGHT DREAMERS – Review by Sienna, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls


I liked this book although it took me a while to get into it because of the layout. Once I got more involved in it the story surprised me and I enjoyed parts of it very much. I did find it hard sometimes to keep up with the different parts of the story and remember everything!

I would recommend this book to girls and would rate it 3.5 stars.

THE MOONLIGHT DREAMERS – Review by Sam, Totteridge Academy

moonlightThis was the first book I read of Siobhan Curham’s, and I feel like I didn’t get off to a good start. The book wasn’t my type of literature. I would say it was a typically girly book and was not aimed at people like me, as it dealt with problems such as talking to boys and their relationships with said boys; if the characters where crying about these problems I couldn’t give sympathy as I didn’t know what it was like and really connect with the characters. I also found the book very repetitive as the main four characters cry a lot and after a while it seems like it isn’t that much of a big deal. In total, in the book, the main four characters cry 20 times; that is once every seventeen pages!  A lot of reviews are saying this was great but I have to disagree on this as I don’t think I’m part of its target market group. However, I can say that the author did a good job on some of the descriptions as it really made me think about some of the settings of the story, especially when Amber and the group are on the roof at night. In addition, I thought that ending was a bit rushed because Sky’s nudes had leaked all over the internet and Rose’s father took the whole family to the boat where they stayed. I didn’t think the characters resolved their problems and instead hid from them.  I think this may encourage people to run from their problems instead of resolving them, and in my opinion, this is wrong.

Overall, I didn’t like this book, but would recommend to teenage girls aged 13 – 16.