MALADAPTED – Review by Adam, JCoSS


Maladapted is a sci-fi/dystopian type book. It follows the adventure of Cillian, a genius college student who can see patterns in an instant, and Tess, part of the Revelation, a group of people who believe in the religion called the Faith, and think that the science of the future has gone too far. But from the beginning of the book, you can tell that something isn’t right and that the scientific group P8 is more sinister than it seems.


When I started Maladapted I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d never read or even heard of Richard Kurti before, so I had no idea what his style was. The beginning of the book confused me; I wasn’t sure what was going on, or who was who, and I’m not entirely sure if that was intentional. However, once I got over this initial bump I started to enjoy the book more and more. The book has a steady build-up and keeps a sense of mystery and suspense throughout. You never know who you can trust, which kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The climax was extremely thrilling and, apart from the beginning, there were little to no times I wasn’t engrossed. The characters themselves were likable and complex, unlike some books in which the characters can be quite flat.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Maladapted and recommend it to readers of books like The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner series (both of which I have read). My only warning is that it can occasionally get quite violent and dark, so it’s not for the faint-hearted.


MALADAPTED – Review by Siddhant, Queen Elizabeth’s School


A fast-paced great mystery-thriller with twists and turns at every corner. Exploring the existential crises of all beings on the planet in a unique and creative way makes this book a treat, and one that you really can’t put down after starting.

Recommended to anyone who likes any sci-fi things, especially with friendship and mystery intertwined.

Review: Sawbones, by Jahn at Queen Elizabeth’s School

SawbonesSawbones, a story set in the Victorian era, presents us with a character named Ezra McAdam, who although was somewhat freed by Mr McAdam – a well-known surgeon of the town – from slavery, wants to gain liberty from being just his apprentice. Encountering a woman named Loveday Finch, the daughter of a conjuror, later on in the story, Ezra tries to get to the bottom of the case of Loveday’s father’s death, with the companionship of Loveday herself. With Loveday’s assistance and her clues about her father’s life, both find themselves getting stuck in to the mystery of the death, with many twists and turns in the story where they put themselves at risk to find an answer.

Personally, I enjoyed the book because there was a very gripping plot. Being a fan of the 18th century, I found myself within the book and being like Ezra himself felt I was part of his adventure and being a person willing to help out. The plot was fast-paced and hooked me in, with twists and turns, making the book a big puzzle where the pieces were put in the right places as to not give the plot away, leaving the reader to solve the mystery.

I like Ezra as a character because he likes a mystery and wants to be independent. He wants to do something to help Loveday and even though he meets risks in the way, he tries to get past them. If you like a book that’s both historically rich and action-packed, Sawbones is the one for you. With an abundance of suspense and tension, the book will make you unable to put it down.

Review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here, by Matty at Wren Academy

The Rest of Us Just Live HereThe story is full of ghosts, vampires and soul eating ghosts who are chasing the Indie kids. The story is full of mystery and does not meet a conclusion. It explores obsessive compulsive disorder and the lead character Mikey’s attempt to overcome it.

Mythology, relationships and alcoholism are explored. This was like no other book I have ever read before and would recommend it.

Review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here, by Mona at Wren Academy

The Rest of Us Just Live HereMikey’s life is pretty normal. He wants to graduate and go to prom and perhaps have the courage to ask Henna, a girl who he thinks he is deeply in love with, out before somebody blows up the high school again.

This story was good but it had no story line to it because a climax wasn’t really achieved, however the concept was good.

Mikey keeps getting stuck in loops until he has a breakdown. His sister Mel died for a few minutes for starving herself to death however when everything is back on track Mikey hopes that his younger sister Meredith turns out okay. Suddenly random murders when Indie kids go missing and mysterious blue lights keep appearing. What will happen to Mikey and his friends?


Review: Gypsy Girl, by Mori at Wren Academy

gypsyGypsy Girl is a nicely written story about gypsy girl Sammy-Jo, who lives with her sister Sabrina, her father and her Grandma (Granny Kate). Sammy-Jo is the different one in her family- she loves to fight. But when Sabrina ends up getting engaged, and the family needs to find a way to afford her high maintenance needs, Sammy-Jo ends up having to illegally fight to earn money- but only her best friend knows about her secret identity as Gypsy Girl. Then when Mr McCloud moves his company in the space near where Sammy-Jo lives, and he doesn’t like that she’s there, she gets in trouble with him. She also has to deal with Gregory Langton, the rich boy who lives near her, and can’t seem to leave her alone -not that Sammy-Jo minds- but her family doesn’t approve of her having the possibility of dating him. Then she starts to notice strange things going on with McCloud, and starts to investigate a little into the matter.

I enjoyed this book, and the way it started. The story always found a way to intrigue me, and I had to change what I believed was going to happen throughout, as it was like a mystery- you had to put all the pieces together. I would recommend this book to everyone, because I’m not a fan of romance books, but it isn’t as it looks.


Review: Sawbones, by Safran at Wren Academy

SawbonesSawbones is a story of mystery, murder and magicians. Ezra McAdam is the apprentice of the renowned surgeon William McAdam. Loveday Finch is a magician’s assistant with her father’s company. One day Ezra saves Loveday from grave robbers and that’s where their troubles start. After Loveday’s father suddenly dies, she is convinced it was murder. Along their path to find the truth, they uncover many mysteries about Loveday’s father and the Ottoman Empire the Finches had just performed for.

I liked this book because it was full of action and the characters didn’t just give up when they were faced with a difficult situation. Also, I like how it ends on a cliff-hanger with Ezra going out on another adventure.