REMIX – Review by Hannah, JCoSS

remixThe novel Remix was probably my least favourite of the books that I read for Read4Barnet, but it was still a good book. It shows the concept of friendship very well; how friends fight and argue and feel jealous of others, but also how real friends will always stick by your side and always, always believe in you.

It is about a concert called Remix. Two friends, Ruby and Kaz, are going together, however both their ex-boyfriends are there too. They each find themselves falling into a spiral of lies that the other doesn’t know about. Lies are popping up everywhere, and it’s so hard to tell the truth. With their friendship breaking, Ruby and Kaz grow further apart, and to top it all Kaz’s ex-boyfriend is at the concert with his new girlfriend and Kaz is becoming friends with her. Ruby is jealous and hurt, and their friendship is teetering on the rocks. It is a good book for 11- 13 year olds and I would probably recommend it to both genders.


REMIX – Review by Hana, Copthall School

remixThis story revolves around the Remix Music Festival, two best friends and decisions. When Ruby and Kaz obtain tickets to the Remix, it seems like life couldn’t be better. However, that is far from the truth. Instead of having the weekend of their lives the damaging past catches up with them. This comes in the form of ex-boyfriends spelling trouble for both girls.

As the weekend proceeds events both bad and good develop threatening in particular their friendship. One of the most interesting characters is Ruby, this is because despite her careless behaviour she is thoughtful and wants what’s best for her best friend, Kaz. Kaz ,who despite being miserable over her ex, realises that there are much more important things in life and that life moves on bringing new events along with it that can be for the best. A fascinating part of the story is when both girls learn to value their friendship above all else. I give this book a 6/10 rating. The reason why is because of its inadequate context and strong language. However, despite these faulty qualities the book is seductive and discusses real-life dilemmas and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys novels based on friendship and the different relationships between people.

REMIX – Review by Natalia, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls

remixThis book is about two girls, Kaz and Ruby, who go to a festival to see their favourite band, meanwhile things at home are complicated.

Ruby is a wild and creative person who loves to have fun, her exuberance leads her into difficult situations and she doesn’t think of the consequences of her actions. Kaz is calmer and a little more sensible. She can overthink her decisions, taking time in making her mind up. The relationship between the girls is strong, you can feel the bond of the characters throughout the book.

I enjoyed the fact there were two narrators which showed the thoughts and feelings of the characters. This gave specific and interesting insights and emotions.

I would say this is more suitable for older readers, overall I really enjoyed this book.


REMIX – Review by Sarah, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls

remixThis adventurous book is about two girls, Kaz and Ruby who go to a festival to see their favourite band, to get away from the drama and troubles back at home.

Ruby is a wild and excitable girl whereas Kaz is calmer. They have a strong friendship which is severely tested in a bundle of events.

I enjoyed the fact that the book had two different narrators, so you could hear their different thoughts. On the other hand, it was a book that I wouldn’t really suggest for younger readers because of some of the events in the book. This is a great read for older readers.


REMIX – Review by Mimi, Wren Academy

I think that this book would be good for a 13 year old teenager girl who likes festivals and a lot of chaos and mayhem. This was one of the other books that I don’t like as much as the other books for the conference. If I had to choose one of the books I may choose this one. I think I will find myself reading one of the author’s books again soon.


REMIX – Review by Harry, Wren Academy

remixI was advised to read this book by a friend who said it was very funny and they thought I would like it, but having read it, in some ways I wish I hadn’t bothered. The blurb on the back of the book had swayed me too in how it is presented and the punchy comments with recommendations like “funny, outrageous and entirely true to life” and I’d recommend it to absolutely anyone”. In the end it is not my cup of tea and is, in my opinion, more aimed at teenage girls.

The book is split into sections named after each day of the music festival and also told from two different points of view; the main characters Kaz and Ruby who are best mates but totally opposite characters, in 6th form and about to go to university. They have been waiting so long to go on a trip of their lifetimes to a music festival called Remix. Luckily their parents get tickets for them to go to the festival and see their favourite band Gold’ntone. Unfortunately, this is spoilt for them when both ex boyfriends turn up and relationships become more the issues than the music.

The good points of the book are the characterisation of the two main characters making them totally believable although I find them very silly in what they care about and have as their priorities. The author also has a range of other characters to flesh out the book and offer more balanced view and my favourite character of all is Lee (Ruby’s older brother) who is confident, passionate and likes a bit of a joke. I can relate to him more than to the girls.

I also like the fact that the book is told from two different points of view and you can see how the same event is thought about differently by two people.

What I don’t like about the book is the fact that there is no real story and it is not about the music in my opinion and is only about their relationships and the stupid decisions that they make. This is important and for some people they would enjoy reading more about this aspect but it was just not for me.


REMIX – Review by Isaac, JCoSS

So, this book called Remix includes,

Two best friends who are called Kaz and Rubes

As they’ve finished their tests,

They can go to a fest,

Full of music and fun and ice cubes.


But it might not all be quite what is seemed,

‘Cos the two best friends seem to have teamed,

With Tom, Stu and Lee,

Lauren and Parvati,

So it might not be what the girls dreamed…


So Kaz has just been dumped by Tom,

And on her life it has dropped a bomb,

Hoping to impress,

She wears her nicest dress,

And it might work not before too long…


It still confuses me that,

I had never heart of Non Pratt,

I was really amazed

In so many ways

I even read a bit out to my cat!


My favourite character of all,

Is Ruby, not just ‘cos she’s cool,

She’s messy, just like me

A great personality,

And we both go around like we’re fools.


And I think that this book intervenes,

With the meanings of being a teen,

Full of upset and fear,

And heartbreaking and beer,

Things happen we might not have foreseen.


To conclude this, I truly think you

Will love this as much as I do

You will like it a lot,

All the twists in the plot

So buy this book and go read it too!