ALL ABOUT MIA – Review by Darcy, JCoSS

miaIt takes a lot for a book to be one of my favourites and All About Mia is (by far) one of the most amazing books I have possibly ever read! I spent every possible minute reading a few pages or more at a time, and in less than a week I was already finished!

From my perspective, it is a very unique book as we explore the dramatic teenage reality for young Mia Richardson. Mia is the crazy, overly wild mess in the middle, surrounded by two incredibly successful siblings; Audrey, the up-and-coming Olympic swimmer, and Grace, the straight-A student applying for Cambridge University. But what Mia doesn’t know is that Grace is a hiding a secret, a BIG secret. When this secret is revealed Mia expects her goody two shoes sister to finally get into trouble, but instead the only trouble that takes place is none other than that relating to Mia. The book explores the consequences of drinking, clubbing and sexual themes. All of these problems add up to reveal who Mia truly is: a kind-hearted, responsible girl ready to face her life ahead.

This book shows the importance of family and friends and how they can support you along the way, especially in hard times. I definitely recommend you read this book as it can reflect on your own life.





ALL ABOUT MIA – Review by Gilda, JCoSS

miaAll About Mia is an outstanding book, full of humour and dramatic scenes.

Mia is an outspoken teenage girl full of fire and feistiness who loves to do whatever she wants.

 Mia has a complete parallel life to her two sisters.

Mia and her sisters are at completely different stages; Audrey is a young teenager, Mia is reaching her late teenage years and 19 year-old Grace has finished school and gone away on a trip to study archaeology.

Mia is the middle child, and feels ignored and less significant than her sisters. She believes that no one understands her and that she is always the last to know about things.

Soon Mia realises that she’s not the only one. When her older sister Grace arrives home early after months away a problem has arisen, some news that will make an impression on her whole family and change a lot of things.

This entire situation could change Mia’s perspective on many ideas.

 Her younger sister Audrey is a champion swimmer and, as the youngest, is not noticed for who she truly is, besides for her swimming.

Her parents love her swimming and want her to carry on.

 Out of nowhere something occurs with Audrey and it’s up to Grace and Mia to sort things out. This shows that you never know what may stand in your way.

 I really enjoyed this book as it showed how everyone has his or her own personality, and sibling rivalry shouldn’t change a thing. This book is preferably for older readers as the many different kinds of scenes.may be harder for younger readers to understand.


ALL ABOUT MIA – Review by Nafisa, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls

miaI really, really enjoyed this book because I liked the storyline as some people can relate to it. My favourite characters are Mia and Audrey.  I liked Mia because she was really cheeky in the beginning and in the end she was very brave and heroic for helping her sister, Grace.  My other favourite was Audrey because she also helped Grace.  Audrey is very stuck in the middle, although she’s the youngest child.  Mia feels like it’s “her place” to be in the middle.  Audrey seems very nice, kind and caring.  When I got to the part of Audrey running away I was really surprised to know how she felt.

I knew I was going to enjoy this book because I read “The Art of Being Normal” and I have to say this book is the best. I hope Lisa Williamson can have a series of this book because I am looking forward to see baby Elijah growing up.  I also want to see how Mia is doing at being an aunt!

ALL ABOUT MIA – Review by Eleanor, Wren Academy

miaAll About Mia is about three sisters, Grace, Audrey and Mia – the mess in the middle. As Grace and Audrey have all their achievements, Mia struggles to find her thing that she loves most.

When her sister Grace gets back early from Greece with an unknown boyfriend, it soon becomes clear that a lot of things have changed since Grace was last home, and maybe not for the better! As the whole family gets ready for the unexpected guest, Mia doesn’t understand how everyone is OK with Grace’s shocking news.  As Mia tries to make it “all about Mia” things start to go wrong: trouble with men, cheating on her best friend and getting incredibly drunk.

I really liked All About Mia because it talks about a girl who goes from being a bit selfish to doing something truly incredible.  The writer hasn’t made Mia a role model at the start she just likes to have a good party and go out with her mates.  She is based on an average sixteen year-old who is still not mature which made it interesting because you didn’t know what was going to happen next.  By the end you see Mia mature and understand that extreme circumstances can bring out her true strength.  Mia sees that there is more to life than a party!

ALL ABOUT MIA – Review by Ralph, Wren Academy

miaAll About Mia takes place in a town called Rushton in the UK with Mia Campbell-Richardson and her family, Audrey, her younger sister who is a national competition swimmer, Grace, a total genius, and her mother and father who are engaged to be married. Mia, however, is worried that she doesn’t have a “thing” and is feeling caught in the middle. Unfortunately, she fills this hole with drinking and partying and this tends to land in a whole heap of trouble and soon her life is turned upside down.

Will she manage to get a hold on her life and keep the friendships of everyone she cares about, or will she lose everything she’s ever cared about?

This is an incredibly well written book with a plotline that is easy to grasp and the subplots don’t get in the way at all. In fact, they make the book far better. It also depicts perfectly a problem which many young people have these days, the challenges that come with it and how to solve it. I give it 9.5/10 for an excellent book.


ALL ABOUT MIA – Review by Elisha, JCoSS

miaAll About Mia is about a girl that always feels like she is the least appreciated. Mia is a little bit selfish until she finds out how this affects her family. Mia goes through a lot of obstacles as she tries to make everything about her, but she realises that this can change everything. But not in a good way. Lisa Williamson did a good job with this book. She put in twists and turns.

This is an amazing book. It’s full of emotion dealing with family and friends. Books like this show that no matter how good a person’s life may seem, it doesn’t mean they don’t struggle or have problems. The reason I like this book is that it shows how hard it can be to have a sister and how sisters can make you feel overshadowed or undersized.

I deeply recommend this book for anybody who is interested in books about families and friends.

ALL ABOUT MIA, Review by Rishi, Queen Elizabeth’s School

miaDynamic, engaging and witty, are the first three words that pop into my head. Lisa Williamson has carefully crafted this book in an outstanding fashion. With a comparatively simple plot, thorough in-depth character development and plot detail, I greatly enjoyed this book. This unique storyline opens a portal into the life of 16-year-old Mia Campbell-Richardson, who is essentially stranded between two highly achieving sisters. She has become entangled in a web of friends, smoking and alcohol.

Then when sharp twists come into her life, her actual character shines through and we get to know the real “Mia”, the fake pretence she portrays herself as, or those that have been forced out of her by the pressure of siblings.

This charismatic character puts an unlikely spin on experiences all teenagers will either go through themselves, or hear about. It shines a light on the situations other people go through that one wouldn’t advertise on places like social media.

Each chapter reinforces our perceptions about Mia’s character, her situation and her thoughts, although as the book progresses we also find nook and crannies in her character and situation we never knew before.  The quirky, enigmatic but optimistic ending will ensure every reader thoroughly enjoyed the book. It puts a spin on the cynical and pessimistic view on a troubled childhood, and I believe this book was a realistic portrayal of the quote: “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”- Victor Hugo.

A juxtaposing line of thought, shows through the 3 sisters, the message of everyone having an amazing talent or beautiful quality but not everyone recognising it. Grace and Audrey (the two sisters), had very visible and obvious talents yet Mia’s was hidden NOT non-existent.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and finding my own interpretation of it, and would recommend it to any teenager to read. It is an inspiring and motivating novel that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It was refreshing and there was humour as well as gravity to the novel. The character development was one of the most successful attributes of this novel, and definitely admirable. The family dynamics are also relatable and this book will surely make you laugh. Definitely one I would recommend.