WING JONES – Review by Scarlett, JCoSS

wingWing Jones is a gripping novel about a young girl always known because of her brother’s name, yet tormented by girls half her size. Wing has always been cast underneath her brother’s shadow but when an accident happens Wing discovers a secret hidden talent – running.

Her journey begins with Aaron, her brother Marcus’s best friend, and from there on she starts to run. With Marcus unable to support her, she has to make it on her own. Her family are in a financial pit. She could end all their problems. She could use running to save her brother. But it could also keep her from what she’s wanted the most since she was a young girl.



WING JONES – Review by Sara, Copthall School

wingI simply adored the book ‘Wing Jones’. The book is about a teenage girl who think she looks ugly because of her Ghanaian and Chinese heritage. After her ‘perfect’ brother, Marcus had a terrible accident and is in coma, Wing feels like she is on her own. The family is struggling with medical bills. Wing discovers her talent for running while Aaron her brother’s best friend helps. She makes great friends and falls in love.

Overall I give this book 10/10 because of the way you could feel the emotions running through your veins, the sibling love. I loved the way Wing looked up to her brother until she was left on her own with her crush by her side.

WING JONES – Review by Konstantina, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls

wingWing Jones is about a girl called Wing, who lives with her mother, football star brother, and two grandmothers, one from China and the other from Ghana.

When her brother gets involved in a car accident which leads to him falling into a coma, Wing discovers an incredible talent for running.

This could save her family from their financial crisis, but it could also stop her getting the one thing she wants.

I think this is one of those books that once you start reading you just can’t put it down – you just have to see what happens next.

WING JONES – Review by Sarah, JCoSS

wingWing Jones is a wonderful book by Katherine Webber about love, power and courage. The story is about a 15 year old girl who lives in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995. Her mother is from China and her late father was from Ghana. Wing lives with her mother, grandmothers from each side, and her brother Marcus. When Marcus tragically falls into a coma, Wing finds herself learning that she has a new talent which could potentially save her family, but at the same time she might have to sacrifice many things that are important to her.

I loved reading this book; it was practically impossible to put down. I especially liked it when Wing recalled her memories and had flashbacks. This is because it made me feel like I knew her character in more depth and was able to understand the situations that she was going through in her life. It also let me sympathise and empathise with her, as well as understanding why she felt certain things towards certain people. 

I would very much recommend this book to anyone who wants a gripping and emotional read that will probably inspire the reader in many ways. I think that I would definitely read this book again and read another book by the author, Katherine Webber. This was a fascinating read!

WING JONES – Review by Ella, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls


Wing Jones is one of my favourite books. The reason is that Wing goes through a dramatic and life-changing event, but she doesn’t give up.  This really shows me and many other girls that we are all warriors.  We don’t give up, if we fall we get back up again.

I would recommend this book to all the girls in the world. Thank you Katherine Webber for this extraordinary and inspirational book!

WING JONES – Review by Natalia, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls

wingThis book is about a girl called Wing. She is half Chinese and half Ghanaian.  She has a brother who is the main star of the family, winning each football match. Everyone loves him. Unfortunately things go terribly wrong and the unfortunate events have a massive impact on Wing’s whole family.

Wing then decides to take up running to forget about the horrible things happening to her. But instead of fitting in like she hoped to, Wing realises she has the power to save her family.

I liked this book because it was different from all the other books that I normally read, as the main characters are not normally mixed-race. This makes it unique.  It was also a very interesting read and I couldn’t put it down because you feel a bond with the character as you read the book.

WING JONES – Review by Eleanor, Wren Academy

wingWing Jones is about a girl called Wing. When things take a turn for the worst Wing finds herself through running. Wing Jones is just an ordinary 16 year old but when her brother is in a car crash after drink driving she finds herself drawn to her lioness and this is where Wing finds her passion for running.

As the pain of her brother being in a deep coma starts to become more bearable Wing starts to think about what she wants in life even though she is still running for her brother to wake up – but will he?

I really like Wing Jones because it shows that if you keep believing in something you can do anything and when things in life take a big toll on your whole family finding a release can help you move on from the problem.

I would give this book 4 and a half stars because I love the way that the writer has presented Wing Jones as showing determination to help herself and her family learn to live with life even when they know there are going to be difficult times ahead.